We tested the next iteration of the new, forthcoming, Lodima Fine Art paper. We also re-tested the paper we originally tested in April.

The April paper: When we tested this paper in April we found that it was too contrasty and the color was too cool. We were told that it would age for six months or so and then stabilize. The paper now has far less contrast--it is much better than before, but it is still not right.

The October paper: This paper has less contrast than the April paper. But it is still a mite too contrasty. The color is better--warmer than the April paper, but it also is still too cool.

We have spoken with the manufacturer and they told me they will be making the necessary corrections.

So, the paper is not ready yet. I know that many are waiting for this new paper, but I assure everyone that no one is more eager to get the new paper than me and Paula.

We appreciate everyone's patience. We WILL get this paper made. And it will be as beautiful as Azo is.

Michael A. Smith