[QUOTE=Ole;379695]Two questions:

1: is a "participant" a person or a camera?[?QUOTE]
The idea was one shot per person that applies to the MF Folder Month, the best one you get from how many or how few cameras you may have. However, there sure ain't nothing that says you can't post any other shot on APUG that you desire.

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2: Should rollfilm backs be used on those cameras originally made for sheet film? I have a cute little Voigtländer Bergheil 6.5x9cm too - and a rollfilm back for it.
No restriction on that either. That was one reason why I posed the question about the Baby Graphics because they used a 6x9 sheet film, and also had the 120 roll film backs. Some of the old Kodak folders also had glass plate adapters. Wonder if anyone will have one of those?

Ole, can we make this thread a sticky?