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I have been reading the Edge of Darkness by Barry Thornton and I really like the idea of two bath developing but I dont quite understand it.
With respect to the Stöckler developer where Barry started I recommend the follwoing article: http://www.largeformatphotography.info/twobath/
He demonstrates that with formulas like Stöckler or Barry's two bath or divided D-23, where there is sufficient alkalinity present because of sulfite-content developement of hidlights and midtones is determined by the time spent in bath A alone. I found this to be true as I developed a test-film in Bath A only. Shadows were weaker, midtones and higlights were the same as usual.

As Barry Thorntons formula is a refinement of the stöckler-formula you can expect it to behave in more or less same way except some more contrast at the same time/temperature. This is at least how they compared in my hands. The stöckler is a bit more fine grained but Barry's formula keeps its promise of very good definiton. It is definitely worth a try.