Hello Tom,

Yes 120 and maybe the occasional 35mm but not very often. For 120 It will be TMAX 100, Delta 400, Neopan 100.

For now because of where I live I will have to scan all the negs. I have an high end drum scanner but I want to preserve the detail in both the highlight and shadow areas. If there is a better technique than the 2 stop then I am all ears. I use A12 backs and will usually shoot in the same light per roll. I also sometimes bracket. I also use my 6x17 which give me 4 shots on the roll of 120. With this camera I want to have better control. I usually only take 2 shots per roll as I bracket each shot because if the filter I have to use to give is even lighting. A center filter.

Thanks again and I am open to all suggestions. I usually just used the film at it said speed. But after reading it seem that if I set 100 to 50 on a contrast day then subtract from development time it should yield a better negative with better sharpness. At least according to the book if I read it right. The end prints are prints to at least 24+ inches. The panoramic images are 30-60" wide. I will either print out on an Epson 7600 or send them out to have them printed.

As soon as we move I will build a darkroom so I need to have the best negative that I can get now so when I can get back in a darkroom I will have nice negatives to work with.