Kevin, the developer I personally use with all three of these films is Sandy King's Pyrocat-HD. This developer is available as A & B liquid concentrates from Bostick & Sullivan. I mix my own "from scratch."

I usually develop to maximum densities that are compatible with Azo contact printing, unless my goal is a projection enlargement. I scan all my roll film (up to 6x9cm) at 400dpi with my Nikon Super Coolscan 8000. I scan my 6x12's and 4x5's with a Microtek 6800 at 4000dpi and contact print on Azo. I make proof prints on a HP 7960.

I have not tried Kodak Xtol or any of the other Ascorbic Acid/Phenidone based developers (I have the chemistry, but have not found the time). They are reputed to work well with the films you listed. The Ascorbic Acid/Phenidone developers also have very low human and environmental toxicity.