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Hi Doug:

I've tried a couple of tricks with the film size challenge. Do you have any problem with light leaks at the edge, when you use the 120 on the 616 take up Spool?

I think I'll be able to get 5 exposures, but the "window" on mine coincides with the 6x4.5 numbers on the roll, so I have to read in 2 1/2 exposure increments (2, 4.5, 7, 9.5, 12, 14.5).

Panoramic indeed, although it's hard to get that sense from those tiny viewfinders!

Matt - I unload the finished spool of 120 film on the 616 spool in the darkroom or changing bag and transfer it to something light-tight if I won't be developing on the spot. The 616 takeup spool is wider than 120, so the finished roll cannot be exposed to light. The issue I am concerned with is that the spacers (nickels -US five cent pieces) do not shim the 120 roll tight enough to create tension and may affect film flatness. This is not a show-stopper though. The big black chunk in the middle of the lens elements that I discovered last night is a bigger problem....