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Matt - I unload the finished spool of 120 film on the 616 spool in the darkroom or changing bag and transfer it to something light-tight if I won't be developing on the spot. The 616 takeup spool is wider than 120, so the finished roll cannot be exposed to light. The issue I am concerned with is that the spacers (nickels -US five cent pieces) do not shim the 120 roll tight enough to create tension and may affect film flatness. This is not a show-stopper though. The big black chunk in the middle of the lens elements that I discovered last night is a bigger problem....

Thanks - I've found that the 120 film cannisters that J & C sell are big enough to hold the 616 spool, so if you are looking for something that doesn't require taking the film off the spool in the field, you may want to try them (in the changing bag, of course).

My 616 camera has a spring loaded pressure plate, so film flatness isn't as vulnerable. One thing you might try though to provide tension is small 7/8" fabric pads that are designed to be put on to the legs of chairs, to protect floors. They are just squishy enough to provide some tension. Just be careful to check for shedding.

Good luck with the black chunk.