This is actually turning out to be a fairly well-attended meeting. It looks like we will have a half dozen or so profs and students from Stephen F. Austin (and their visiting lecturer, Christina Z Anderson), another 3 or 4 from the DFW area, and a few Austinites, not to mention the locals. Now if Valerie can only convince Keith Carter to drive the 90 minutes from Beaumont, I can start selling tickets!

It ought to be fun. I am thinking about starting the whole thing a little earlier so people will have plenty of time to show their work.

I will supply the food and modest drink requirements. If you plan on drinking a six-pack by yourself, go ahead and bring that and a driver. No one is allergic to sweetbreads and anchovy quiche, I hope?

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Well, yes! Clay has given me dispensation to come with silver gelatin, so I've been spending hours in the darkroom this week. And Lee is coming. The TCP decends on Houston!