Somewhat off the topic but in the midwest (as well as other semi rural locations)
you will find the roadside memorials for victims of car accidents. Usually they are for young adults and children made of homemade crosses embellished with flowers and balloons, pictures of the deceased and cards and letters from friends. one especialy moving one had a cross with a small garden type picket fence around it and the ground covered by various stuffed animals and toys.

For the city and state they are a nuisance becuase they are on highway and street right of ways, but for friends and family they serve as poignant reminders of a loved ones life cut short.

I have been photographing these memorials in and around Omaha in various conditions from new and well kept to decaying and nearly vanished. I don't yet fully understand why I am attracted to photograph them but I do feel a need to document these impermanent memorials.

I think one reason that interested me is the varying conditions of thse spots. When I see a memorial that had been kept up with new flowers or a new picture and then a few months later is overgrown with weeds and slowly disappearing, I wonder if the family has gotten beyond the tradgedy, or maybe the grief has become overwhelming? Maybe they just simply moved away. I hope mystery is also somehow conveyed in the final image.