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The more I read abotu 2 bath developing the more I am getting confused.

Ok for example. I have a contrasty scene. O am using let say 100 spped film. I go N-1 (iso now 50) and I underdevelop.

Take time and substract 20-30%. I think this is for straight developing now 2 bath. Now with tow bath you jsut develop 4 and 4 right?

What if the scene is flat do you puch a bit say N+1 (ISO 200) and add a bit of time to the developing? What abotu in a two bath developer? Still 4 and 4?

I am just trying to get a grasp of this as I never used two bath before.


It appears to me that you are equating N minus and N plus with film speed adjustment. N minus and N plus are indicators of development adjustment rather then exposure adjustments. Contrast is determined by development.

Having said that one would normally make adjustments to film speed when development times depart from "normal". For instance in a N minus one (appr. SBR 8) I would decrease film speed from normal by 1/3 to 1/2 stop to support shadow detail (give more exposure). In a N plus one (appr. SBR 6) I would increase film speed by 1/3 to 1/2 stop to obtain greater effect on the negative density range (give less exposure).

As Gary stated split bath development is a compensating development and would normally be used in situations of excessive contrast. I personally would not use it unless and until I exceeded SBR 9 (appr. N minus two). There are many "tools" in photography. The matter is using the proper tool at the proper time. One would not normally attempt to fry eggs with a ball pein hammer.