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By this line of thinking if Chrysler stops making Jeeps I better stop buying Dodge trucks.
Real Jeeps were made by Willys between 1940 and 1945

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Kodak stoped making B&W paper because no one was buying it. It was bad paper and most of us knew it. So what sense is there in trying to punish them for stoping production of a product that was loosing money by not purchasing their fine line of chemicals?
I generally agree that Kodak didn't have the greatest papers, IMHO, but I think that Polymax Fine Art was a sweet paper, and Polyprint was a decent RC paper that did not have a developer incoporated emulsion. I wish those two papers were still available, but I still have a small stash of Polymax left in 8x10 and 11x14. And I really wish that Brovira was still being made.

As long as Tri-X remains available, I will happily feed it to my cameras, and I will continue to buy those Kodak chemicals that I normally use, including HC-110. Might as well enjoy them while they're still here.

Mike Sullivan