Kathy, I also live very close to where Helmut Brix was and did in fact get him to fiddle with some Retinas and some Nikkor lenses.

Another place in Melbourne for the type of camera(s) you have, is The Shutter Box, they are in Hartwell.

It's a Husband and wife team, she is Chinese and IIRC used to work for the Chinese company who make Seagull cameras, as an engineer or something like that. He is (was) a doctor who somehow has made the move to camera repairs. I have personally known John on and off for around 30 + years. I do know that he has worked in Germany and the USA in the medical arena.

If you were comfortable with Helmut and his kind of set-up, then you will be more than likely comfortable with their set-up. You walk into the shop and are talking to the owner/repairer.

This year I took my 55 micro nikkor for a service as the internal lubricant had weeped onto the aperture blades after an extremely hot time sitting in the sun all day.

I'm very happy with the repair/service and the lens is now more sharp than it was before as John collimated the elements and cleaned all the internal elements from 20 years of dust collecting.

Best of all they are open Saturday mornings, I think to 1300hrs.

03 9809 4711

They do have a website so if you google them you should be able to find them.