time to post a new photo for consideration.

I remeber seeing this image in a magazine several years ago and then saw it again on the web. It is one of those "atmospheric" images that instantly take you to a time and place if you have experienced it.

I also love this image because it takes place at that perfect time of day, either prior to sunrise or after sunset when the ambient light and manmade light are balanced or one is just starting to gain primacy.

I assume this photo was made on film. I don't know what medium he works in today but here is a link to more of his work at Robert Klein Gallery: http://www.robertkleingallery.com/ga...2_itemId=17849

His website:http://www.jeffbrouws.com/index.html

Jeff Brouws, Mobil, Highway 395, Inyokern, CA, 1990