Hi Leon, well I spent Saturday afternoon driving all the way down there with a couple of photographer friends. It was hot and very hazy and lighting conditions were awful, and it was as you say, a very weird place. I did pass the little shack/gallery but did not go in. Did not see Derek Jarman's little house either. But we did trek over what seemed like miles of burning hot shingles, in what felt like a Beckett-ian episode of futility. I found some fishing boats but they were all in use, and there were a few decrepit signs warning people off them. There were shacks, but I only spotted 2 smokeries and both were closed. It was all in all, odd - should I get more precise directions from you next time, or does one have to spend many hours in that place to come across things to photograph? As it was, my friends stayed near an abandoned radar shack while I went all over the place trying to find battered boats or eccentric-looking smokeries, but to no avail. Is the power plant itself worth a visit? The old lighthouse did not look awfully photogenic either.... however one looks at it.