ZenRhino, you stated," We live in an uncertain world where people do sit on their beds and stare off into the future." Uncertain world? Is that any more true than when people lived during the Great Depression? Or WWII? Or the Spanish Flu epidemic in 1918 that killed 40 million people? To be honest the times we have now, while challenging are not the nearly same as those endured by our parents and grandparents. Yet there was photography done during and following the Great Depression, WWII and The Spanish flu that still managed to have beauty, timelessness and deep meaning. And they still managed to have good composition, good lighting, serious visual interest, etc. I think the problem now is that our society has become quite shallow and lacks the substance of our parents/granparents generation and the current photography either reflects that or is a symptom of it.

I'm not saying that mundane things should not be photographed, I photograph them all the time. But I attempt to take those mundane things and make them special, and it takes a lot of effort. If I simply wanted to photograph things that were mundane and keep them mundane, I need not even look through the camera. So why celebrate countless mundane moments that are given significance simply because someone aimed a camera at them? Why lower the bar to where mundanity becomes the desired affect?