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For the record, it seems like the camera is focused with the help of the righthand lever (left side in the picture link in the OP, but this example is missing the scale which shows the actual focus range). Nifty feature.
Yes, the focusing is accomplished with a lever on the right side which seems to have positive stops at certain distances set in meters. I don't yet have a way of getting setting the front standard at infinity, however, so I don't know how well it works. The slide is really frustrating. I worked on it today for about 30 minutes, looking for a way to free the standard from the track. The knurled knobs in the front turn (with some force) but do not loosen up or come free. They simply revolve around a center post - no effect at all on the movement of the camera as far as I can see.

This isn't a fancy camera, and I have better lenses, even in the 9x12 format, but I guess I'm frustrated as a matter of pride (stupid emotion, that.) I keep thinking I should be able to figure this thing out!

One good thing -- the Rollex back does fit my Rietzschel Clack! I'll try to get some shots in this week but time is tight.