well... I'd all but given up trying to get glazing to work with this combination of paper (Ilford MG fiber-based) and dryer. I'd settled on just air-drying and cold-pressing my prints to get something remotely acceptable. I hate to settle.

in the course of a print job, I ran some contact sheets, which I do on single-weight Azo. Just to try something different, I mixed up a bucket of photo flo and dropped the prints in to use it as sort of a wet holding bin as I ran the prints through. The single-weight Azo prints came out nearly perfect. I'd say they would probably have been acceptable for customers, maybe not for exibition, though.

I tried the same thing with my next run of double-weight Ilford MG, and got the same problems again. I like the Ilford paper, I'd rather not switch papers, but there doesn't seem to be a combination of wetting/flattening agent and roller tension that will work suitably with this dryer and this paper. Within the next few weeks, hopefully, I'll find one of those double-sided glazing dryers with adjustable heat and the first thing I'll do is try a combination of lower heat and longer dry time to see if that works.

With the dryer I've got now, the prints nearly always pop off of their own accord within seconds of when they clear the last roller, so I think maybe the drying time is appropriate for this temperature, but I think the entire process is maybe a little to fast for this paper.

I ran across a post from someone, I think on photo.net, that intimated that contemporary papers are probably more challenging to glaze because the emulsions are thinner. I'll bet Azo has undergone comparitively fewer changes in the hundred-odd years it's been in production, and that might be a key to why it works so well.

I'm determined to eventually be able to get a high glaze with all my prints -- at least all the ones small enough to fit on a dyer. Maybe I'll eventually check out waxing.

if someone's got a recommendation for a VC paper with a thicker emulsion, wide tonal range and something that would still work with the Ilford MG filters, I'd be game to try it when my current box runs out.