For the 50/1.8, you're right that it's probably not worth paying to fix. If you want to make an attempt on your own that's fine, you might also want to ask on the Olympus mailing list, odds are good that you can find somebody in the UK (there's a lot of UK subscribers) with a spare 50/1.8 they could let go of for a reasonable price. Or, you might want to step up to the 50/1.4. Depending on the characteristics and age of your 50/1.8 (there were several versions). That's what I did when my 1.8 died and I couldn't believe the difference. I think my 1.8 was an earlier version (don't remember the serial #) and I know my 1.4 is a later version (but probably not last), I swear I could shave with the thing it's so sharp!