Dear Gerald,

You are quite correct to mention that we went out of business in August 2004
we went out of business because we too were trying to transition to being a digital business, and one of the key reasons we failed was that we forgot about our true monochrome customer base, and did not listen to our customers and end users.

I am 100% convinced we will not make that mistake again, the new business is a truly new business, HARMAN technology Limited, we are a lot smaller, we have no shareholders except the 6 owners, none of whom were on the board of the old company ( but were senior managers within it ) all of whom work 100% of the time in the new business, yes we have challenges for the future, all photo companies do, but we are profitable and have benefitted from the sad demise of AGFA Photo and KODAK exiting the mono paper business.

But we are committed to monochrome 100% as are our 395 employees, yes we will diversify our business, but monochrome, is, and will remain our first love.

And if I am honest I guess a lot of people feel the same who work for KODAK or KENTMERE or FOMA or FORTE or BERGGER and half a hundred others in companies related to analog monochrome photography.

Simon : ILFORD Photo / HARMAN technology Limited