I stepped out the door today about an hour before dawn. I was on my way to work out before heading into work. It was crystal clear down here (San Diego, CA, USA) due to a mild Santa Anna wind condition and the nearly full moon was large and incredibly sharp. I usually carry my camera bag with me but got lazy today and was leaving it at home. Nevertheless, I almost dropped my gym bag and ran upstairs to grab my camera and a tripod.

Now, I know my lens is borderline for good moon pictures (a Nikon 70-300 ED) but I should be able to get a good shot. I have, however, never tried a moon picture before although I have been thinking of it for some time. So, 2 questions:

1. To get just the moon picture, my plan was to spot meter on a bright part of the moon and overexpose by about 2 stops. I'm shooting print film, actually the camera has 400 speed in it at the moment which is probably too fast for this but, when opportunity strikes, you use what you have available or miss out.

So, I guess the question is, what film speed (I'm thinking 100 would be much better for this) and exposure compensation for a shot of the moon?

2. I have been thinking of trying to get a nice doulbe exposure with the moon and a skyline. I have read how to do this (Take a picture of the moon with it placed where you will want it in the final print, then repeat with the skyline leaving the moon portion as dark sky). My question is how careful do you need to be with light pollution into the portion of the skyline that will hold the moon? My idea for trying a natural skyline at dusk won't be much of a problem but I am also thinking a city skyline could be interesting as well. Lots of light polution there, especially living so close to the coast (lots of moisture in the air to scatter the light).

Thanks for your help.