Thanks Pete for the thread, all of you for your thoughts and especially Paul Sorensen for mentioning American Frameís no charge rush service. After some delays with Light Impressions I decided to try a change. As a trial I ordered two complete Nielsen frames, mats, etc. for one vertical and one horizontal print, 20x24 inch images. When I asked about delivery they said if there is a rush (this is 2 PM) we can ship tomorrow at no additional charge. I will pay sales tax because they are also in Ohio, but not ship 2/3s of the way across country. The rush was to submit two prints next week in a group juried show. Ground service from Light Impressions would be five days after shipment. Any delay would miss the entry day.

There is a peculiarity in American Frameís on-line software that caused me to stop my order, but a call to customer service brought me back. The mats for this size print require UPS oversize charges of $25 each frame. When questioned why they couldnít package together the customer service person said they would and the second charge will be deducted. I donít see why they couldnít program around that, but their IT people must have higher priorities. All should go well from here, but I will add another post if not.


John Powers