Speaking of dynalites....there's an issue of View camera magazine from several years ago, that had an article in it about doing Hurrell type portraiture. The guy who wrote it used dynalite heads with gridspots and shot 4x5, if I recall. It's a good article if you're interested in that style.

fwiw, I've used Mole Richardsons and you can't go wrong with those either....I've only used them for studio and location interior work though....currently I use alot of Lowell lights like Omnis and Totas...Lowell has a new one out that may be worth a look--a 650 watt fresnel that uses alot of the Omni and DP light accessories, called the Fren-L. If you ever get into other types of studio work, Lowells are great system lights, compact and well built...PLUS they're compatible to a degree with Dynalites (which I love as well).