I stopped in at the Modern this afternoon on a whim (went to see the tintypes at the Cowgirl Museum and the Bound For Glory exhibit at the Amon Carter; also had to stop in at the Kimbell and see the Caravaggio, as there's nothing like standing a foot away from 15 million dollars)(I do so love the museum district sometimes), didn't even realize they had a new exhibit.

The Sugimoto show ranges from merely good (there are a couple of lone pieces by themselves) to mind-blowingly brilliant (the Buddhas, the theatres, the architecture series, the water). Conceptually rigorous, but better than that - no need for a book-length artist's statement, the images speak for themselves (and ferociously - the World Trade Center image is arresting for reasons that have nothing to do with 9/11, the theater series is positively hallucinogenic).