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Keep the temp below 68F. Yes, this an old rule with rodinal. Never drive up the temperature to save time. I have a text-book from 1949 that even asks to develope at 16C, 18C being the standard at this time. This guy is a long term Rodinal user and claims that oatmeal-grain and raised temperature go hand in hand with rodinal: http://www.eak-fotografie.de/
If I was still using Rodinal I would follow his advice.
This is very interesting to me as Summer is coming and my tap water is soon going to be above 21c. I was thinking of adjusting my times according to temperature rather than going through the hassle of trying to lower my solution temps with ice. Now I am not sure how this will affect my results with other developers as well as with Rodiinol.

Also. Does anybody have any advice concerning processing with Rodinol in a JOBO? Any oxidation issues at higher dilutions? How's the grain and contrast?