I have three bags I use for my M7II camera, 65mm and 150mm and nikon flash.

One is an older Tamrac which is sort of a more verticle than horizontal bag, which I use for every day packing it around. The 65mm is attached. 150 is in a compartment as well as flash and filters.

I have a back pack Tamrac camera bag I use for vacations which I can fit the same setup into, plus a few other things like 35mm snapshot camera and maybe a couple of other things into.

I have a third one that I use when riding my bike, hiking to the liquor store etc which is something like a fanny pack which just holds the camera/65mm attached. I have a lens bag? that fastens on the the belt of the unit so I can carry the 150mm or not.

I'd just take your camera and lenses to a good camera store and try them all out to see which workd best with what you plan to do.