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Also. Does anybody have any advice concerning processing with Rodinol in a JOBO? Any oxidation issues at higher dilutions? How's the grain and contrast?
I use Rodinal all the time in the CPP-2. I do not dilute beyond 1:50 --- I tried that once,and if my cloudy memory serves --- everything was defintely underdeveloped ... I think there might be some problems, not with "oxidization" (??? I mix immediately before use - and only use Rodinal as a "one-shot" developer - so there is vey little time to "oxidize"), but something due to short-time contact with the film at higher dilutions .. the opposite of "stand" development...? - Or something like that ...

All that said, Rodinal has become my "favorite" black and white developer. I really like its "clean" action -- and, as I've written before, I can deal with apparent grain in printing - effectively.