Thank you all for the comments and descriptions of this film. C-41 processing seems to have too many variables for my impatience at this point so for now I will make the dreaded drive to my local store. I do process my own film and have wanted a Jobo for my LF work and will give it a try if I get one and like this film.

Cheryl, thank you very much for the example I did see it and others in the gallery and was the reason for my initial post. This weekend Iíll be in Glenwood Springs where I used to live and will be shooting some portraits for the first time. (I like trees more than people) I figured there had to be something that this film had to offer if people I knew didnít rely on a lab were using it. At this point I think Iíll bracket like crazy and see what I get, no time for testing. This is a rather personal and important shoot for me and still plan to use my normal films as well but will try some XP2.

Pierre, thanks for the idea of using it in vintage cameras I have many and love to use them but do waste a lot of film. Do they make it in 620? Just kidding maybe Iíll call J&C to see if theyíre willing. I just scored another twin reflex that Iím dying to use.

Once again thanks for all the replies it has definitely helped.

Happy Days