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Hi, Just wanted to link another site for great photos.
Chip does some interesting stuff. He does a lot of long exposures, utilizing ND filters heavily. These long exposures lend a dreamy quality to his work. Very nic.

The interesting thing about Chip is that he has his negatives scanned, and then performs most of his manipulations in Photoshop. He then makes his prints in a traditional wet darkroom with a digitally created negative, with further (minor) manipulations.

I had the opportunity to meet him and see his show at the Whyte Museum in Banff Alberta last October - he's a very good printer, with a wonderful eye. Very strong compositions, and of mostly everyday scenes that I think most people, including myself, would pass by.

For the equipment buffs in the crowd, he uses Hasselblad (501cm I think, and the 905SWC) cameras, and a Linhof Master Technica.