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By Rlibersky - 11:39 AM, 07-20-2006 Edit Rating: None
I have used this formula with Plus-x @100ASA, Bergger @100ASA and Ilford 3200 @1600 with excellent results. Especially with the Ilford 3200. The finest grain I've seen.
By aligndont - 07:20 PM, 09-02-2006 Edit Rating: None
I've notice that if you use this developer at 24c and alter developing times as per time/temp converter in massive developing page then you have an exceedingly sharp fine grain developer.
By craigclu - 05:41 AM, 09-04-2006 Edit Rating: None
I've finally been getting at some testing for a speed enhancing (or at least attaining rated ISO's) developer. I tested a few things in this today and was pleasantly surprised at the fine grain, too. I got slightly over-developed results with the above times/temps and likely will try moving to 1:5 and see what the grain looks like and get more controllable times. Is anyone else using this and can share some results?
By Rob Archer - 06:03 PM, 09-13-2006 Edit Rating: None
How important is it to use distilled water - if so why? (i'm not a chemist!)

By Gerald Koch - 06:15 PM, 09-13-2006 Edit Rating: None
The formula, as published, does not contain any calcium chelating agent. Attempting to add one may throw the pH of the solution off. I recommend using distilled water for all stock solutions of any developer and in this case also for the working solution.

The calcium hardness in tap water can precipitate out onto the film surface as a whitish scum. Using distilled water prevents this.
By pauldc - 07:30 PM, 09-13-2006 Edit Rating: None
How do you convert the suggested times from 1:3 to 1:5? I have just made some FX-37 up and am ready to give it a go with Pan F. Also, are there advantages to grain size in going to the 1:5 dilution? And I am assuming that 1:5 means 1 part developer to 5 parts water. Cheers, Paul
By Gerald Koch - 07:59 PM, 09-13-2006 Edit Rating: None
I would try 1.5 times the 1+3 times.

As with most developers of this type, the greater dilution should produce increased acutance with a slight increase in grain.

BTW, I actually listed the dilutions as 1+3 and 1+5 to avoid use of the rather ambiguous colon notation such as 1:3.