OK. I must admit that I debated on where to put this for some time before settling here. This discussion seems to be mostly centered on studio lighting and I apologize if I guessed incorrectly.

My question is on how to effectively use a bounce flash with a rotating flash head on a hot shoe. I can use it effectively when taking technical pictures by rotating the flash head and then using a white peice of paper or something similar to diffuse and reflect the light back onto my subject. My problem is when I try to take a picture, usually of people, without using this method (in other words, bouncing off the ceiling). The rooms are all low ceiling rooms so it isn't like I'm trying to bounce the roof of a gym. I'm using TTL metering so that shouldn't be an issue and I have tried with multiple flashes (SB-50 and SB-80). In all cases, the pictures end up underexposed. On rare occasions, I get good results but I don't remember doing anything different than normal.

If somebody could provide me with a quick primer and then a couple of excercises (I don't mind burning film to learn), I would appreciate it.