Should also mention what YOU MISSED -

Zebra was there with a 20x24 ambrotype (yeah that is 20 INCHES by 24 INCHES) - talk about breath taking - he also had several other wet plates as well as some very nice gum overs.

If you have never seen one of Kerik's wet plates you REALLY have not seen one....these are just amazing. Sorry can not find the words to describe them...just Happy I had the chance to see them. Thanks Kerik.

The quality of the work shown was just amazing..there was so much talent in one room it was .... well a bit intimidating. Best of all these talented people were more than willing to share their knowledge as well as their thoughts on your on work.

Clay finished the afternoon by showing us some of his work, and as you might guess it was very, very good.

So, for those that missed really missed a Great afternoon of photography, and some of the best work being produced today - IMO.