It was really great having everyone show up and display such good work. It is quite an interesting problem that it took almost 5 hours to get through all the work - and people were generally only showing a half dozen prints or so. It was a beautiful day: the weather really cooperated. Thanks again for coming, and I hope everyone left revved up to create a lot of new work.

BTW, the dog's owner called this morning and retreived his yellow lab. I think my daughter Annie was a little bummed out that she couldn't add a third dog to our 'stable'.

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I was thinking that maybe if I barked a lot I could just stay in Clay's darkroom and he'd think I was another dog

WOW!!! Yeah, that's about all I can say and that doesn't begin to scratch the surface.

After speaking with Kerik and zebrahead (both are super nice guys!) I've decided to pursue wet plate and hopefully (if I eat enough ramen) I can take a one-on-one workshop with Kerik next year.

I've got some digi-snaps of people looking through work and I'll post them up here once I get the card downloaded.

Clay, thanks again! (and again and again and again).

Also, thank you to everyone who shared work and commented on the TCP project.