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For a true cheaper alternative to TMAX 400, I highly recommend Fortepan/Classic 400. I have been using it exclusively the last 6 weeks (while awaiting my supply of Efke PL100 to be replinished) and it works extremely well with AZO.
The Fortepan 400/JandC Classic film is a very good film for scenes of normal contrast but it has much less expansion potential with AZO than Tmax 400, at least in all of the developers I have tried (Pyrocat-HD, ABC Pyro, and one of Gainer's ascorbic acid/phenidone brews). However, it works pretty good for alternative printing with Pyrocat-HD as the stain allows you to build up a lot more contrast.

Great budget film for either AZO and alternative processes for expansion and contraction is Efke PL 200, and available in ULF sizes as well.

Sandy King