Greetings All,

Since all of my photos went out, I treated myself to all of yours on Sunday, and (borrowing from Bill, and thank you Bill!) all I have to say is WOW!, your photos brought me much joy, and even a couple of tears, because each one was like a jewel in my hand, and reminded me of each of you...

Bill, I was expecting a portrait (for some reason, LOL!), and you surprised me with some awesome metal, big and bold, and you know I love metal!

Todd, a beautifully composed landscape, I love the branch, the photo reminded me of the print you were working on at the workshop, very Zen!

Steve, another beautifully composed landscape, with the light and airy grasses, and peaceful water, inviting us all in to sit a while, I love it!

And Clay, a very intriguing composition, very moody, and very Texas, I love it, thank you for the "happy"!

I can't stop smiling, looking at these photos!
Thank you all again so very much!

Blessings, Krystyna