Thanks for the tip Doug. That Falling Creek park is over 6 hours away from here, but it looks really interesting. I'd like to make the trip at some point, but that's an all day (and then some) one day-er. I'm thinking of hitting Big Shoals on one day (a bit of a longer drive for me) and then O'Leno/River Rise and Troy Springs on another day before the end of the year. I've never been to any of these but each trip could be done and back in one day from here. O'Leno and River Rise should be short trips trail-time wise (same park - different spots), just out to where the river sinks and then where it comes back up, then on to Troy Springs (~1 hour away) in the afternoon to see more of the river. I'll post the dates as soon as I work something out in case anyone want to meet up.

- Randy