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I prefer "oxidation". I'll never miss an opportunity to drop a syllable, especially one that has a "Z" in it.

Thanks for the info.
You are welcome!!

As an aside, my own PC is to be returned this evening, complete with one (1) new cooling fan and a memory upgrade.

I've just printed a few images from a "test" roll of AgfaPan 100.
I wrote about being somewhat suspicious about the "NEW!!" emulsions and developing times ... where the development of AgfaPan 400 is recommended as: Rodinal 1:50; 30 (thirty) minutes @ 20 degrees C.

This is AgfaPan 100 - "Pushed" two stops to ISO 400 and developed exactly the same - Rodinal 1:50; 30 minutes @ 20C.

The result? I can't see one whit - not even a smidgen- NADA!! - of difference. Densities, contrast, granularity, acutance --- even base fog - all seem to be exactly the same.

I will post a scan of a print as soon as I get my machine back and re-connected.

Now to see if spell check works with the new system....

It does!! At least as well as it did before...