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I've pretty decided to buy one. It is a great unit, giving me about everything I need for contact printing my 8x10 and 12x20 negatives with just about every paper out there, including my hand coated silver chloride paper!

My long term plans include buying a Class A RV and travelling the country for 5+ years. I could put the unit in the RV and print on the road.

I'll post how it goes if\when I order one. They will have to ship it cross country, so I'm a little concerned about shipping costs. They will probably eat up the APUG discount.


I still think this is great unit. My exposures, for carbon, kallitype and Pt./Pd. are on average about a full stop or more faster than with the NuArc 26-IK I formely used, the exposing plane is larger, and light distrution better. Top quality exposing unit IMO.