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By bozgoren - 09:43 AM, 02-11-2005 Rating: None
Is this film strength or print? Do you use straight or 1:4? Bulent Ozgoren

By Ryuji - 05:46 PM, 02-11-2005 Rating: None
This is for both film and paper. Use undiluted.

By jdef - 06:41 AM, 03-10-2005 Rating: None
what is the capacity of this fixer with film and paper?

By Ryuji - 08:28 PM, 03-11-2005 Rating: None
The right answer is it depends. For films the fixer should be discarded after about 20 80sqi per liter. For prints, it depends on how you wash and tone the prints. 40-60 80sqi of fiber and 60-80 80sqi of RC are the numbers I use as a guide.

But you know what? If you are a serious fine art darkroom printer who care about permanence of the results, make a small batch of 1.0M KI to test fixer, and another batch of silver nitrate residual fixer test solution, and keep them in amber drop bottles. You'll sleep well with them.
(Nothing is better than having a hard evidence that the print is properly fixed and washed, espcially because these tests are easy enough.)

By Ryuji - 08:32 PM, 03-11-2005 Rating: None
I should also add that the fixer's capacity depends on agitation and temperature. Also, watch out for the dilution of the bath due to stop bath carryover. Two stage fixation is one effective way to ensure good results, although it is unnecessary with ammonium thiosulfate fixer when it is not pushed to exhaustion.

By jdef - 10:56 PM, 03-11-2005 Rating: None
Thanks, Ryuji.

By dancqu - 12:23 AM, 04-02-2006 Rating: None
"... and another batch of silver nitrate residual fixer test solution ..."
Would you care to offer a formula? I've read of and I'm quite sure
experienced the death of such a test solution gotten from the
P. Formulary. I can't think of any reason it should die. Might
it be because of the acetic acid. I've a formula variation
which skips the acid. What do you suggest? Dan