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By hortense - 10:13 PM, 11-11-2004 Rating: None
What is fix time? (TF-4 is only 1-minute)?

By Tom Hoskinson - 04:42 AM, 12-03-2004 Rating: None
For the PF instruction sheet on TF-4, see:

PF recommends 30 seconds in TF-4 for RC paper, 1 minute for FB paper. For film, recommended TF-4 fixing times range from 3 minutes to 6 minutes depending on film type and agitation frequency.

For most films, I fix for 4 minutes in TF-4, with agitation. I use the same procedure with OF-1.

I contact print on Azo (FB paper) and I use Michael Smith's recommended Hypo based 2 bath fixing procedure - not TF-4 or OF-1.

By jdef - 09:53 PM, 01-07-2005 Rating: None
Ole, can sodium chloride be substituted for ammonium chloride?

By Ryuji - 11:05 AM, 01-18-2005 Rating: None
I find pH of 7 to 8 is most preferred for fixing bath. As a buffering agent for neutral/alkaline pH range for fixing bath, I suggest borax, triethanolamine, or disodium phosphate as the buffering agent. In order to buffer the pH in appropriate range, these must be combined with appropriate acid. I have a few formulae like that, if anyone is interested.

By andrewfrith - 03:23 AM, 01-31-2005 Rating: None this 1 liter of stock solution which would then be diluted to a working solution like TF-4? with TF-4 for film, i mix it 1 to 3 with distilled water...same with this recipe?

By craigclu - 07:23 PM, 03-01-2005 Rating: None
Ryuji... I was just looking through here and noticed your post. Could you share what you've done with the alternate buffering agents and some recommended formulas?

By Ryuji - 11:08 PM, 03-07-2005 Rating: None
The formula for that fixer is found in this section.