The Golden Gate Bridge was off limits to close photography after 911, but recently opened up again to it. As for the woman photographer that was taking pictures of victims, I think she was wrong. It reminds me of the press taking pictures of princess Diana after that accident. I know no one was killed and the injuries were minor, but they were children. You can take a picture of the assemblage around the victim while they are being treated, but you do not have to get in close and in the way of paramedics as they are working. Also if the parents wanted to NOT have their children photographed, I personally would have backed off. This brings up what is an acceptable photographic image to take at an accident/disaster. We are all struck by the images of the child running in VietNam after being burned by napalm. Or the child the firefighter in Oklahoma City was holding just before she died. Was the photographer in the way of recuse people in those pictures?