Time to get this one organized! If you are interested, please cast your votes in the poll. Its a multiple choice poll so you can vote on each question. And if nothing listed strikes your fancy then lease make a suggestion.

Possible Places-My ideas:
  • Topeka area - plenty of opportunities; old downtown, industrial sites, the grain terminals, ect. I'm not the expert in the area though, so you Topeka members chime in with ideas.
  • St. Marys - a charming little town with lots of stone structures and the college campus. The college has a very famous and large dairy barn.
  • Flint Hills - between Topeka and Manhattan. Several good places within easy access of I-70. We could meet at the rest stop just West of Topeka.

Date: I can't make it for another couple weeks due to a weird work schedule. That leaves the 18th as the first weekend for me and I'm flexible. I'm partial to shooting on Sundays because there's far less traffic in the towns but I can live with Saturday too. Would a day during the long Thanksgiving weekend work?

Once we agree on a location, we can pick a meeting place. So, lets hear some ideas.