I'm located in Malad.

I've been using Stratmore 500 Drawing -- 1 ply -- plate finish for albumen and then mounting them on thin cardboard. Only problem is I have had to order it out of NYC, since nowhere here carries it and neither does Salt Lake CIty stores.

Have used 400 Drawing for Arrowroot prints, which did fine. Had few problems with other alternative process though such as cyanotype. Actually had good luck with both 500 and 300 for those.

Really like the 500 in that form as for small 5x7, 4 x5 and the old wet-plate era CVD size, there is a very easy way I heard about to mount them by running them through -- don't laugh -- a hand powered noodle maker! Heard that one for a fellow wet plate artist, and to my surprise not only worked, but was extremely easy. Learned more than a few shortcuts and eaiser ways to do a few things with albumen paper from that source.