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That is good for an approximation only. As it says, this is for a chlorobromide emulsion and all film emulsions that I know of are bromoiodide, therefore the spectrum and reactions will be different.

These particular dyes may not even work on a bromoiodide or they may form "J" aggregates. We had tables of dyes with emulsions, pH, pAg and etc at EK that could be used to pick and choose.

I only posted it 'for interest', not even 'for information' never mind 'for production' - but you are right to clarify the practical uselessness of it!

If anyone would like copies of short extracts on the mechanism of spectral sensitization by dyes from Mees (readable) or Tani (a little less readable, more detailed, but still not exactly a DIY handbook) for their personal use - ie not for publication on the web - let me know.