I've shot paper negatives in a Polaroid Land 800 with some success. I use Arista grade 2 RC, which I rate at EI=2.

I find that the shutter on the Land 800 is able to give me exposures adequate for paper.

For printing, I contact print onto FB paper. Arista and most Ilford papers don't have watermarks. But I find that using paper as "film" works better with graded paper negatives, especially in daylight scenes that are rich in UV/blue; this light would activate the high-contrast emulsion in VC paper, giving blown out contrast in sunny conditions.

I've also found it possible to enlarge 4x5 paper negatives, on my Beseller 4x5 condensor enlarger. Place the paper negative emulsion side down in the glass carrier, and open the lens aperture wide open (f/4). Typical printing times are around 45 seconds on Forte or Ilford FB paper.