I'm finally back at emulsion cooking. I bought a 8x10 size Mowrey blade from Photographers' Formulary. While I was doing my fall shows, all I could think about was getting back to emulsion research (and stereography, but that's a different story). Working with the 4x5 blade convinced me that this is for real and worth doing. I can enthusiastically recommend the purchase to anyone thinking of learning silver gelatin coating. If you start with a 4x5 blade, the initial expenditure to see if the process is for you shouldn't be much more than $500 (assuming a basic darkroom is in place.) I don't know what to say about learning the basic technique. A workshop from PE isn't possible for everyone, and to be honest, the process takes a bit of darkroom or chemistry lab experience. Maybe something can be worked out. I know that I'd be happy to demonstrate the blade (Ron:without giving away proprietary recipe secrets :-) to anyone who wants to come to Newport, Oregon, and I'm sure that former Mowrey workshop students in other locations feel the same. It's a cart or horse situation. How do you know you want a blade unless you know what to do with it? For now, I'm blogging my results here: