For those interested, here is the latest ISO 40 effort. It is ortho sensitive.

This is a scan of a portion of a 4x5 negative that is about 2x3 in size. The scanning process improved image quality, but there were no intentional changes made to the image.

It is grainy, but surprisingly sharp. There are a number of defects due to scratching of the soft emulsion, and some signs of what might be a bit of reticulation. It was processed as soon as it was dry after being coated, so it was pretty 'fresh'. The ISO 20 test negative was considerably lighter and lower in contrast by virtue of being on the real toe, so this is an affirmation of the speed of the emulsion being close to 40.

I hope this looks ok after uploading. BTW, there was no residual color from the erythrosine sensitizing dye which was used to get ortho sensitivity.