Thanks Cate.

I went on a Peter Goldfield workshop at Duckspooll not long after Peter founded the centre and Peter Cattrell was assisting with the workshop, (they both taught at St Martins at the time).

At the end of an interesting 4 or 5 days Peter Cattrell said "I'm sorry I think you didn't get much out of this workshop" I already had 20+ years professional experience at the time. But I surprised him by saying that actually I had probably come away with far more knowledge than anyone else that long weekend.

I told Peter (Cattrell) why: It had clarified my approach to my personal work, his own fine art printing sessions had broadened my horizons, and most importantly it had begun to help me critique my own work.

Subsequently I went on to do 2 more workshops at Duckspool, with Paul Hill and then John Blakemore. Both were excellent. But essentially just confirmed that I'd already embarked in the right direction.

In making comparisons Paul Hill's Photographers Place had such a good name internationally that he was able to actually choose (from those that applied) who went on his workshops, you had to submit work first, and the workshops were over subscribed and sold out very early.

It's quite a while since I went to Duckspool, so I can't really comment on its later workshops. However I went on 3 and a couple of friends 2 each and we all came home thoroughy satisfied.


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Just to clarify re. Duckspool, for those who may read this and confuse it, those comments are not related to Peter Cattrell but another 'Peter'.