I am sure there is a connection with the establishment of a local Nikon subsidiary after decades of Maxwell. Not sure if you are familiar with ECS but they probably have the best prices on new gear and have been strong supporters of Nikon for years. My guess is they are one of the more successful channels for new Nikon gear in Sydney so I'm not surprised Nikon would be throwing a few marketing dollars their way. There was a very down to earth Nikon rep (beard, no suit!) at the opening and the ECS owners said some complimentary words about Nikon throwing some money at photography and not just the gear that takes it

By pioneering I meant coinciding with the start of Go-Set magazine as Colin Beard was their first photographer and he told a great story about scooping the Stones and having a big photo spread in one of the first issues of the magazine. As much as I distrust Wikipedia this link provides a good summary for those a little younger than us...