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An interesting dichotomy about Brett: he said on numerous occasions how he placed more value on the opinions of a bricklayer than a curator, etc.; yet by burning his negatives he ensured that only wealthy museums & collectors could afford his prints. Personally, though, I'd rather have the Lodima series than a couple of his originals - I'll get better idea of his treatment of a range of subject matter.
It is a myth that Brett burned his negatives. Yes, he did try and burn a few ceremonial ones at this 80th birthday party. He discovered negatives do not burn so easily. But the majority of his negative were destroyed. Brett and his brother Cole filled up 55 gallon drums with water and dumped the negatives in. After several days the emulsion floated from the base. But some of Brett's most famous ones survived. Myself and several friends held Brett's "Holland Canal", "Ford Tri-motor" and "Garrapata Beach" negatives at a Cole Weston workshop in 2001 and 2002. Just amazing to look through the master's true "original". As for the Lodima Books, they are very good but I still prefer to live with one Brett original photograph.