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Something that has artistic value and relevance, can't be pornographic, by my way of thinking.
Agreed. All we have to do now is determine WHAT is meant by "Having artistic value and relevance."

What a slippery slope... What about the Etruscan murals, the murals on the Tantric Temples in India ... and the images on some of the Ancient Greek coins (ca. 500 BCE)?

I remember a conversation between the Artist, Norman Lindsay, and the Minister, played by Hugh Grant, in the movie "Sirens":

Minister: "we really would like to have you remove your paintings (from an Art Show in Australia). We feel they are terribly inappropriate."

Lindsay: "Inappropriate? In what way?"

M. "We feel that they would incite the people to mayhem and rape."

L. "Did you see my work?"

M. "Yes, and ..."

L. "Migawd!! Who did you rape?"